Rookie girl group ADYA inject their own flavor into DIVA’s first-gen hit (and C.I.V.A’s timeless classic) “Why”

Don’t cancel me for this, but I didn’t immediately place where ADYA‘s newly released song “What’s Up” was from. I knew I had heard it before, and I initially thought it was a sample or interpolation of Fin.K.L‘s “Jajonshim or something. But obviously I eventually figured out it was a straight cover of first generation girl group DIVA‘s hit song “Why?“, and most importantly a song that was already remade by God Of Music 2 project group C.I.V.A in 2006. Lee Sang Min, forgive me.

Anyway, I think they did a good job at modernizing the song and injecting a bit of their own flavor into it, while not being as much of a meme as C.I.V.A, for better and worse.

It’s not a bad strategy to get attention for the group either, as they’re hailing from a company I had never heard of before (Starting House Entertainment). Regardless, they actually debuted with Per back in May, a track that I was pretty fond of and might get around to reviewing eventually (like a lot of other shit). Anyway, I think they’re worth checking out in the meantime, as they seem to have potential and probably need support.


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