IPQ & SBS release statements to shut down rumors about OMEGA X, announce legal action against YouTuber & SPIRE

A YouTuber that’s most recognizable as a supposed ‘K-Pop Idol Trainer’ (lol) named In Ji Woong, recently posted a video essentially trying to discredit OMEGA X’s case against SPIRE Entertainment, claiming that their contract scandal was false, they did it all for the money, and claimed SPIRE were cleared of abuse. Both IPQ (OMEGA X’s company) and reporter Kang Kyung Yoon (of SBS, who you might recognize from the Burning Sun case) have rebutted all the claims.


In a statement released in both Korean and English (hosted here, here, here, and here), IPQ refutes the rumors reported in the video, pointing out that it was produced by information sourced from SPIRE, and that they checked with those involved (like the manager and the reporter) and confirmed the information being spread is incorrect. They use a point-by-point format to rebut the claims, saying they signed a contract with OMEGA X after a court decision, deny money intervention from Danal Entertainment and any affiliation, deny the contract was signed only for monetary reasons (even if it was, so what?), and deny SPIRE have been cleared of sexual assault/harassment against members, saying they simply never filed charges and reiterate that they have receipts. As such, they are going to sue SPIRE and ‘K-Pop Idol Trainer’ for defamation, SPIRE for breach of contract, and also charge physical and mental abuse against SPIRE. They conclude by explaining that they had been trying to end things without further issue to shield OMEGA X from further trauma, but this has forced their hand.

Meanwhile, on the videos of the exclusive reports on the OMEGA X situation by SBS, reporter Kang Kyung Yoon used the official account to release a statement on the matter (1/2). Just as IPQ does, she goes point-by-point to explain that the claims are false. She says the incident was reported by managers and fans, not a member’s father, also pointing out that OMEGA X’s case was validated in court. She then denies the claim that she apologized for the report, asking the YouTuber to show the transcripts he claims he has if he’s actually got anything, and explains that SPIRE weren’t cleared of sexual charges because none were brought. She goes on to say that the YouTuber is misleading the public, and says if the video is not deleted, she will pursue civil and criminal legal action.


I have some level of hope that this won’t go anywhere against OMEGA X, since even prior to agreeing to terminate their contracts with SPIRE, they had won an injunction against their contract and the court had effectively sided with them. Not to mention just common sense based on the evidence that was provided by them and third-parties at the outset.

That said, it does show what the environment currently is with regards to some “influencers”. As you could probably assume after a quick glance at everything, the guy in question is not worth anybody’s time, in general.

The reasons for this are numerous, but aside from the moral stuff listed, he’s just flat-out wrong constantly and doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about regarding much of anything (reading Korean netizens thoughts from before, they also seem to doubt his resume even exists).

I mentioned this on Twitter, but the FIFTY FIFTY contract mess has apparently given rise to people like this going around and witch hunting idols on behalf of companies and what not.

Just something to keep in mind if/when you see “serious” news sites posting sources like him.


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