Kwon Eunbi understandably going viral again after posting Calvin Klein photoshoot

Kwon Eunbi has continued to ride a wave of momentum following her multiple viral appearances at the WATERBOMB Festivals around Korea and Japan, and is now starring in a photoshoot for Calvin Klein, which is causing people to go nuts again (understandably).

Only seemed like a matter of time, really. She is extremely hot, what else can you say?

It’s another positive step for her career as well. I get the concern over her physical/digital sales, but they aren’t paramount for most soloists. Really, the game for them is just about becoming famous enough to where you can be invited to events constantly, get endorsements, and land variety/acting gigs, because that’s where the real money is, so she’s off to a good start here.

Also, based on her Stories, there seems to be more coming. Neat.


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