Quick Reviews: H1-KEY angle for a tourism ad spot with “SEOUL”

After their uneven debut and subsequent member change, H1-KEY have explored different sounds, but the one constant has been quality singles like “Run” and “Rose Blossom”. The latter of those would prove to be their breakout of sorts, and member Hwiseo recently ranked #1 on Queendom Puzzle, so things have deservedly been heading in the right direction for H1-KEY. With “SEOUL” they change things up again, though it strikes me as safe more than anything else.

Anyway, that’s a long way of prefacing that I like the group, but this release is more plain than what I’m used to from them. It’s a proper and peppy song, one of those tracks that’s hard to dislike as it stays within the lines. However, it’s also hard to really remember anything from it, as “SEOUL” doesn’t have a strong hook nor melodies during the chorus, though the synths do hold some interest. I dunno, concept included, it really does sound like something made for a Korean tourism advertisement than a pop single meant to distinguish themselves.


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