RIIZE’s Seunghan apologizes for pre-debut kissing/visiting the sick, SME to take legal action over leaks

In a saga that I’m honestly only covering because of how ridiculous it is, Seunghan of SM Entertainment‘s upcoming boy group RIIZE has issued an apology for pre-debut pictures that surfaced of him kissing a girl. That’s it.


It all started a few days ago when an anonymous Twitter account posted old photos of Seunghan kissing a girl, including one of them in bed (clothed and all that). Predictably, that started the hate train and fans wanted him kicked out of the group for ruining their virgin, innocent, pure boyfriend fantasy.

Fortunately, at least him being booted doesn’t seem to be happening. Instead, SME has made him issue an apology for … uh, having a life before debuting.

This is RIIZE’s Seunghan.
I am writing this because I feel that I need to tell you this in advance before standing in front of fans.
First of all, I sincerely apologize to fans who support RIIZE.
Due to my personal issues, I caused harm to the team at a very important and critical moment ahead of our debut and disappointed the members and staff.
I am also feeling regretful for not being able to apologize quickly because I was scared and anxious.
With no room to blame anyone or make excuses, all of this happened because of my imprudence, and I reflected a lot on my past time and actions.
From now on, I will prioritize the team called RIIZE.
I will behave more carefully not only on stage as RIIZE but also in all circumstances I encounter.
I will do my best so that you can feel my sincerity toward the team and fans through my actions.
I apologize once again. Thank you for reading this long post.

SME has also issued a statement on the matter, saying they will take legal action over the leaks.

As such unauthorized leaks and circulation of these are clearly illegal acts, we are collecting evidence through KWANGYA 119 and separate monitoring about those who posted the photos, and we are also collecting extensive evidence on actions of secondary victimization such as circulation and reproduction.
We will file criminal complaints for all confirmed crimes, and we ask for everyone’s caution to not get unfortunately involved in this case.
Meanwhile, Seunghan is deeply reflecting for disappointing fans and causing harm to the team ahead of their debut.

I dunno, man. It’s all just so absurd to me.

The only positive to come from this is netizen comments so deranged and detached from reality that they’re funny.

I dunno what they’re talking about anyway. Clearly he’s still a virgin and was just visiting the sick. All good. Oppar is still pure.


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