‘R U NEXT?’ announces the six members chosen for the HYBE/BELIFT LAB group named … I’LL-IT

Aside from the children competing on R U NEXT? and the shameless market research/bank collab, I didn’t pay much attention to the HYBE/BELIFT LAB show that aimed to create their next girl group. But they recently announced the six final members of the group, which will be named I’LL-IT (lol).


Apparently some were unhappy that the voting ended up being for two spots instead of the six like they originally believed, and preferred the voted results over what the company choose.

Looking around at reactions, it just seems to be pretty mixed at best, both in Korea and abroad. And I also don’t seem to be in the minority of those who kinda phased out of watching another survival show.

Most importantly, it’s yet another group with a name that you can only love through sheer exposure and like Stockholm Syndrome with it. Good lord, companies truly don’t give a shit.


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Thot Leaderβ„’