Quick Reviews: Kim Sejeong’s “Top Or Cliff” is basically an action movie audition

While the groups of I.O.I members may have been cursed, Kim Sejeong herself certainly hasn’t, as her acting career has made her a star. However, while she’s less established as a singer, Sejeong certainly has the chops for a solo career there as well, and so now she’s back to prove that with “Top Or Cliff“.

Ironically then, this reminded me a lot of TVXQ’s Yunho and “Thank U” being an audition tape for action roles, with this being Sejeong’s pitch to be in serious action roles, specifically with guns. The music video is very cool in that regard, so much so that it renders the song rather unimportant by comparison. It’s not necessarily a bad production and her vocal obviously carries it, but it’s also just sorta there drudging along with some drama but never really commanding your attention. It’s an odd direction to head down if her goal was to remind everybody she can really sing too.


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