ITZY’s Lia and Ryujin talk JYPE’s ‘special’ health initiatives and character assessments for trainees on ‘PSICK SHOW’

As a fan of the PSICK SHOW, I’m always excited when they get idols on since it’s usually about as much as they’ll let their guard down and be as casual as you’ll get to see them, probably due to being around a trio of comedians who are just fucking around, basically. The most recent episode saw ITZY members Ryujin and Lia guest, so of course that was something of interest.

Surprisingly, more than laughs, I seemed to learn something about JYP Entertainment while watching the show. See, even on sites like this that aren’t exactly friendly to companies, people do tout JYPE as caring about character in idol selections and managing the health of their idols well, despite whatever counter examples emerge.

Well, at least according to Ryujin and Lia, it turns out that JYPE doesn’t really seem to have any kind of special program for idols, and the “character” rating basically just seems to be how well you can shut up and follow rules like not eat on your diet. Not exactly the ethics lesson that some people had in mind.

Maybe JYPE is comparatively better than others, though that’s not saying much. Not that I ever really believed that bit of PR to begin with, but it was kinda funny to have that made into a joke on the show.

Most importantly, they missed a golden chance.

Though Ryujin did give us an “ITZY from Ryujin” intro at least.

Not really posting about the episode cause it was rather disappointing compared to others, not due to Ryujin and Lia as much as their bits being too drawn-out and/or not landing. But even when that happens, there’s always something to glean from the episode at least.


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