SEVENTEEN’s Joshua’s alleged girlfriend didn’t actually highlight a shady comment towards him and fans, but that’s not stopping netizens

The alleged girlfriend of SEVENTEEN member Joshua recently posted on Instagram again (because it’s her job, basically), and she was predictably inundated with hate comments for her and her alleged boyfriend.

We’ve already gone over how Korean netizens are seemingly losing it, as are others, but international netizens at places like Pann Choa tow the line that the backlash for dating is ridiculous. That’s the sane take, but of course all it takes is one translated post sourced from the same bitter Korean netizens/fangirls who were mad about this in the first place for them to start being critical of the girlfriend.

The allegation is that she choose to highlight one critical comment in particular that shades Joshua and his fans by leaving it up, but deleted the rest.

She finally blocked all her commentsㅋㅋ
She didn’t block them at first but there were over a thousand comments and the comments with a lot of likes were all hating on Joshua and his girlfriend so she blocked the comments and deleted all the hate commentsㅋㅋㅋ She probably deleted hundreds of them..
But she kept this one

The message:

“Isn’t it okay for an influencer to be in a relationship with whoever their boyfriend is and make it obvious? Why should they care about their boyfriend’s fans? Those fans should have cared about Joshua. Joshua is the one who is in a relationship as a male idol who made it obvious, so why are you criticizing her…. I don’t know anyone who’s a fan of a male idol who’s sane, but this is a bit……”

So like any reasonable person, instead of just accepting the narrative of people I already know are pissed at the couple, I simply went to her Instagram to check if it was true. Well, the comments on most of her posts are closed now, but the ones on her latest is only limited and she has left over 900 of them up, and I had to scroll down an awful lot to get to that comment in question. While I was scrolling down, I found a bunch of other shady comments towards her and that are blaming her that are also still up*.

*I don’t know Chinese, but the translations on those don’t exactly seem supportive either (one called her a bitch), so … yeah.

Why didn’t she delete that one comment? Why didn’t she delete other mean ones as well? Did she even delete a bunch? Was she trying to send a message? Who knows. I’m not taking a pissed off fan’s word for it, that’s for sure, and what’s clear is that it’s a reach to say she singled out one comment to highlight, as that Korean netizen and many international netizens are now saying. The fact that her simply not deleting one of hundreds of comments is evidence that she’s saying it herself is honestly kinda nuts to me.


Regardless, unless the two of them do something actually fucked up beyond “being in a relationship” or “being sick and tired of getting harassed”, I truly don’t give a shit even if they do throw shade at some point (they’re probably fed the fuck up). But if you’re one of those who do care, then at least try not to be a fucking idiot about it and don’t just take the word of random dumbasses. If you aren’t reading all these stories that come out about them from a skeptical angle knowing people are basically out to get them from now on, you’re doing it wrong.


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