Nayeon (TWICE) wins lawsuit after mother’s ex sued her for ~$450k, JYPE releases statement

In news that seemingly came out of nowhere, it was recently revealed that TWICE‘s Nayeon won a lawsuit against her mother’s ex after he filed lawsuit against her for ~$450k, claiming that the money he gave to her and her mother were a loan that they had not repaid.

The court acknowledged that ~$380k was given to Nayeon and her mother over a 12-year period, but didn’t find this to be a legal loan situation.

In regards to the sentencing, “A” transferred a total of approximately 535.9 million won (approximately $405,000) from 2004 to 2016 to Nayeon’s side. The court acknowledged that for approximately 12 years, “A” transferred at least 500 million won (approximately $378,000) to Nayeon’s side and acknowledged that they received money under the cause for monthly rent, loans, tuition, and telecommunication expenses. However, the court judged that there was insufficient evidence to recognize this as a loan with a legal obligation to repay. “A” has reportedly not appealed after losing the first trial.

In response, JYP Entertainment had no comment aside from saying that they will take legal action against defamation.

On September 19, a source from JYP told Newsen, “There is nothing else to say [regarding the case] because the ruling has already been finalized and closed and has nothing to do with the artist’s activities as an artist.” They added, “However, we will take firm legal action against the matter of defaming the artist’s reputation or insulting [the artist] through speculative writing going forward.”

That they mentioned malicious comments should tell you that this is currently being debated by netizens, with people arguing that she’s doing well now so she should repay for his help and the other side saying that she won the court case so the issue is done.

From the information we have right now, all this sure seems more like a situation where the man was essentially in her life as a stepfather over a 12-year span and paid bills, then Nayeon’s shot to stardom, and he wants a piece of the pie in retrospect. Maybe there’s more to it, but it feels like my parents getting divorced and one of them suing me after I hit the lottery over them paying for the mortgage and giving me their old car and feeding me for 18 years and stuff like that.


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