Amaki Sally talks about scamming her way to a career on Trash Taste + posts a perfect vlog and some ‘they were roommates’ content

Surprisingly it’s been a while since I’ve had a stan post about Amaki Sally, but I have been watching her career blow up like a proud parent. Needless to say, the parasocial investment in her doing well is unhealthy.


Anyway, many asked if I saw her on the Trash Taste podcast, which … well, of course I did. The delay in covering it is me being busy and lazy and actually wanting to listen to the whole two hours.

While they go over basically her whole story and then some — from growing up in America to not knowing she was going to be an IRL idol to her current career to Gintama saving her life to meeting meeting the creator of Gintama to the idol/voice actor training process to gaining popularity through shitposting to social anxiety to differences in English/Japanese voice acting to food takes to honorifics confusion — the overarching theme of this whole convo and her career is how she scammed her way through it. A true hero.

Scamming The Audition Process

Scamming Weight Requirements

Scamming Social Anxiety Disorder

Scamming Censorship

When put all together like that, it really does sound like a self-insert character from a manga or something.

Of course, the reason a lot of this was able to happen was an important point she made about the difference in K-Pop/J-Pop idol expectations and her company specifically being about producing yourself.

Anyway, this was apparently her first-ever two-hour convo, and it’s worth listening to when you have the time. Aside from what we already know, there’s some insights there that I was not aware of before.


There’s also other content I’ve been enjoying from her on the YouTube channel. One vlog in particular was just the perfect Amaki Sally vlog. Doing some random-ass shit, failing twice at trying to eat what she wanted, and then abruptly ending with more random-ass shit. No point to it all, no le epic content moments, just how things are. Sometimes miserable.

Also you can’t convince me these aren’t trailers from the latest yuri live-action adaptation or something.


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