Loossemble & CTD E&M hand Blockberry Creative another lawsuit loss, one that will also help the other LOONA members

Blockberry Creative simply cannot stop their addiction to losing in court in relation to LOONA, as it was recently revealed that they filed a lawsuit against Loossemble‘s company CTD E&M, wanting them to stop promotions due to the name’s similarity to LOONA. Well, as is tradition by now, BBC lost and Loossemble is free to continue their activities.

According to multiple legal professionals, Loossemble’s agency CTD ENM has recently won a lawsuit filed by Blockberry Creative, which had petitioned for injunctions including a ban on performances.
Earlier, Blockberry Creative had filed a civil suit against CTD ENM claiming that it could not engage in entertainment activities using terms equal or similar to “LOONA”, “LOONA ASSEMBLE”, or “LOOSSEMBLE”.
Had Blockberry Creative’s petition been granted, Loossemble would not be able to use its newly created name. As the group had just released their debut album and embarked on the tour “Loossemble the U.S Debut Ceremony”, they would have been unable to avoid a significant setback.
However, with this recent court decision, Loossemble will be able to continue using its new name. This also represents a green light on Loossemble’s domestic activities that will follow their U.S. tour.

Most importantly, it seems that the court has made a similar ruling to the T-ara case, where essentially they say the brand of LOONA is more due in part to the members than the company. That should help all the LOONA members do what they like going forward.

It is particularly notable that the court has determined that the credibility, reputation, and commercial draw attached to the names 이달의 소녀 [“Girls of the Month”] and “LOONA” accrue to the members after the effective suspension of the exclusive contracts. That is to say, this decision increases the latitude of future activities for not only Loossemble, but also Chuu, ARTMS (Heejin, Haseul, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Choerry), and Yves, all LOONA members who have departed Blockberry Creative.

At this point, there’s less and less tension about whether LOONA members will be okay or not, and it’s more just about documenting BBC getting absolutely owned by the 12 former members of their agency and their legal teams, but it’s fun nonetheless.


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