Eric Nam talks about his reputation, dating life, interviewing and … sharting on ‘PSICK SHOW’

Well well well, if it isn’t the Eric Nam episode of the PSICK SHOW. It’s something I watched over a month ago, told myself I was going to do a post on it, and then accidentally forgot about before a recent sharting conversation (no comment) reminded me about it. Honestly, it’s so late that I was going to just skip it, but this was too good of an episode to do that with.


The whole ep is worth watching, as he talks about everything from being bullied as an Asian-American to his relationship status to his upcoming (now released) album. However, despite it being Eric Nam, the funniest part was basically poop jokes about sharting. Blessed.

They also talk a lot about how he’s the premier interviewer to a lot of people, resulting in them wanting to “suck his skill”…

…and because it’s Eric, he of course eventually takes over the show.

There were a lot of fun bits and the whole conversation was engaging. Particularly, I enjoyed him talking about the praise he gets for basically being a good guy. He’s obviously talked about the origins of the “one Eric Nam per family” saying before, as well as his feelings about it, but he’s definitely had a change in approach since it became a thing.

Anyway, a recommended watch if you haven’t already, and it further cements that Eric can make just about anything work.


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