OnlyOneOf & Cherry Bullet scheduled to perform at event with ties to Unification Church cult

In something that’s more of an FYI than anything else, it’s recently been revealed that OnlyOneOf and Cherry Bullet are among the artists participating in the 2023 Korean Dream Festa For Korea United, which is connected to the Unification Church AKA Moonies.

The OnlyOneOf fandom template protesting against this actually explains the situation quite well.

This event is held by the Global Peace Foundation, which was established by the son of Moon Sun Myung, the founder of the Unification Church. 
The Unification Church is a newer Korean religious movement derived from Christianity. The teachings of this Church say that Moon is the second coming of Jesus Christ, making this Church a cult. 
Moon stands by the belief that homosexuals and people in the LGBTQ+ community are “dirty dung-eating dogs”, and says that “gays will be eliminated”.

There are obviously a lot (A LOT) of issues with them if you dig into it, so understandably fans don’t want their faves performing at a cult-related event.


Companies should definitely do a better job than involving their idols in things like this, but figuring out the ties was actually a good catch because I didn’t think anything of it initially either. Like a lot of cult stuff, it’s hidden just below the surface and in plain sight, but it’s definitely a part of the cult’s political efforts that were ramped up last month.

Co-chairman of Action for Korea United Seo In-teck and President of the Institute of Literature and Culture Lee Yeong-joon said the build-up process will employ K-pop concerts in seven cities on six different continents in 2025 and a nationwide walkathon from Haenam County in South Jeolla Province to Seoul for 33 days this September. In October, the organizers plan to hold a unification-themed festival for 100,000 visitors in Yeouido, Seoul.

This was launched at the National Assembly, which gives you an idea of how deeply rooted they are and that’s partially why it’s able to be mainstreamed.

The teaser for the concert has been posted on this YouTube channel, and you don’t have to scroll down much further to see video of the son of the Unification Church founder making a speech, which he will also do at this event.

Previously, both B1A4 and H1-KEY had been attached to the concert, but both cancelled and/or were not finalized before they were used in promotional material, which happened over a week ago.

The hope is that OnlyOneOf and Cherry Bullet do the same as them, though things do seem more advanced in their cases. Either way, it’s worth a try to get their companies to listen if you have a minute.


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