B-Side Spotlight: May 2023 (LE SSERAFIM, Dreamcatcher, SEVENTEEN, (G)I-DLE, +(KR)ystal Eyes, BTOB, ENHYPEN, KARD, more)

Does anyone else feel the start of a next generation in the air? I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff lately about the beginning of the fifth generation of K-pop, which obviously is then followed by discussion about how the fifth gen doesn’t start until 2024/2025. That makes sense if a gen lasts seven years, but personally I don’t put much weight in rigid rules like that and think the vibe of things is a much better judge than any hard and fast rule. It’s got me thinking about how long I’ve been in this space as a fan; when I got here, the second gen was just winding up and the third gen was taking its first steps, and the whole thing has me a bit nostalgic. Some day soon, I’ll probably be thinking about my all-time favourite K-pop tracks from the first time I heard an SNSD song until now.

We’ll see, I guess. But for now, let’s get into some B-sides.

Note: As always, there’s a Spotify playlist at the bottom.


LE SSERAFIM – “No-Return”

BTOB – “Moon Ride”

BANG YONGGUK (Feat. COE) – “Rain On Me”

+(KR)ystal Eyes (tripleS) – “Deja-Vu”



(G)I-DLE – “All Night”



ATBO – “Just Dance”

BLACKSWAN – “Cat & Mouse”

ENHYPEN – “Bills”

Still sort of mad that I thought their name was ‘Enhyphen’ for so long…


Joohoney (MONSTA X) (Feat. GSoul) – “MONOLOGUE”


Dreamcatcher – “DEMIAN”

n.SSign – “Need U”

NINE To SIX (DKZ) – “Digital Love”


And that’s it!

Be sure to let me know any B-sides you loved during May, and happy listening!

Also, check out the May playlist here, featuring a few extra tracks I loved that didn’t quite make the cut.

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