[BREAKING] T.O.P will get to not be blown up in a spaceship for a few more years at least

Back in December of last year, it was revealed that former BIGBANG member T.O.P would be blasted into space as a part of the Dear Moon project on a Space X’s Starship vehicle that was scheduled to happen in 2023.

Well, news has recently come down from Kyunghee University professor of space exploration Kim Sung Soo that stated the obvious: the trip would not be happening this year, and may not happen for a few years.

The ‘Dear Moon’ project is the first civilian project that aims to fly them to the moon. The spacecraft Starship, developed by SpaceX, is expected to fly around the moon for about six days and the original plan was to proceed with this project this year. We already completed a contract with a Japanese shopping mall businessman to have a rocket called Starship circle the moon once. According to the original plan, we should already be there by now. However, because SpaceX’s development of Starship became delayed, [the mission] will likely not be possible to [proceed] this year, and will be possible in a few more years.

It was “stating the obvious” since the last test of the Starship resulted in it exploding, and regardless of how “successful” the company and their stans say it was, it’s clearly barely ready for even liftoff, much less going to the moon and back in one piece.

In all seriousness, I hope it goes well for his sake, but as I’ve said before, you could not pay me enough to get on that rocket.


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