MAMAMOO’s Hwasa cleared of indecency charges that were made by some right-wing nutso parent group

Back in July, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa was reported to the police by some right-wing Christian group, called Student And Parents Human Rights Protection Solidarity. The charge? Touching herself suggestively during a performance and reminding innocent college students that sex exists or something.

Well, thankfully sanity won out and the police cleared her of wrongdoing, choosing not to charge her with a crime.

On October 4, the Seongdong Police Station in Seoul announced, “In late September, we made a decision not to transfer MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, who was accused by the Student and Parents Human Rights Protection Coalition (KPA) on charges of public obscenity, resulting in no charges.”
The police added, “After summoning Hwasa as a defendant, investigating the content and development process of the performance [of that day], and comprehensively reviewing the statements of those involved, [we found it] difficult to acknowledge the criminal charges.”

Unsurprisingly, the group are still mad at the situation, because that’s basically what these groups exist to do.

Eat shit.


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