Quick Reviews: (G)I-DLE makes you want something else on the anonymous “I Want That”

(G)I-DLE‘s pre-release “I DOprovided optimism for their English-language album HEAT, but with the release of title track “I Want That“, things have unfortunately settled into more of the cynically expected territory for K-pop English stuff.

A rubbery-synth bouncing off the walls underlines the song, which was a fine production choice in itself, but it almost goes nowhere from there. The verses are relegated to sing-talking/quasi-rapping, there’s a pre-chorus that surprisingly struggles a bit to get to the vocal peaks, and then a drop back down into various repetitions of “I want that” as a chorus. There’s no memorable hooks or melodies to speak of throughout this release, and in the end it’s just kinda there droning on as background runway music or something. If the point was to get listeners to appreciate the musical input of (G)I-DLE themselves (with all the idiosyncrasies included) into their tracks, then job well done.


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Thot Leader™