Quick Reviews: IVE aim to deliver the vibes with “Off The Record”

IVE‘s roll-out of I’VE MINE continues with their second title track after “Either Way”, and they pick up the pace a bit with “Off The Record“, but mostly continue to shy away from doing much else with the songs and certainly haven’t had one of their anthemic singles yet

If you’re casually listening to this track it can be hard to pick out exactly where the verses and choruses separate at times. It’s honestly almost as if IVE were instructed to sing it with as little care as possible, and that only really changes once you get to the end (and even that is taken directly from Lovefool). “Off The Record” is trendy in that it’s exceedingly vibey and understated, which makes it hard to necessarily dislike, but also makes it forgettable as it’s smoothed out and (unlike “Cupid”) doesn’t have an addictive hook to latch onto. If you throw this on a chill playlist, would you skip it? No. Would I ever seek this out again? Also no.


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