Quick Reviews: NCT 127 are really insistent that you ‘check the facts’ and stuff on “Fact Check”

On the bright side, NCT and specifically NCT 127 have a defined sound that they deliver with various twists and turns, and that continues on with their most recent effort in “Fact Check“. Thus, if you liked their previous work, chances are good you should at least not hate any of their releases. On the gloomy side, if idol hip-hop stylings where they brag about stuff and have dully delivered quasi-rapped choruses aren’t your thing, then you’re shit out of luck.

In a lot of ways, “Fact Check” was actually less interesting than NCT 127’s previous efforts. While it has a thumping beat throughout and some horns here and there, that’s basically all the production does for the most part. While it’s presumably meant to be cool, even the uptempo stylings here come off as been-there-done-that boring, and the “check the facts go check that” hooks that you hear over and over again quickly become grating. The bridge does standout but almost feels like trolling, giving a taste of what their songs could be like before getting back to monotonously telling us to “check stats“. Well, fans should enjoy it at least. I don’t get it, but if you’ve been a reader here for a while, that won’t surprise you anyway.


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