Quick Reviews: Jennie’s “You & Me” sees her head down a different path but is undermined by rogue squeaks

As BLACKPINK‘s contract saga drags on seemingly forever, Jennie has returned with what’s being deemed as a ‘special single’ in “You & Me“. It’s a song that’s been performed by her for almost a year now, and it finally has a studio version so that everybody can hear how it’s meant to sound, for better or worse.

The upside is that there’s no explicitly Teddy-esque quality to this, as it eventually builds to a decent dance-pop energy (which would be a fun direction for her solo career). The downside is that the grainier versions might’ve actually been a blessing in disguise, as it hid that hideous see-saw squeaky kazoo sound effect in the chorus from being crystal clear. Even if the rest of the song was great, I wouldn’t be able to unhear that shit and it would drive me insane. Unfortunately, while Jennie herself does her charismatic best to inject excitement into this, it’s just a rather bland overall experience and it’s not hard to see why this was in the vault for a while.


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