Songs You May Have Missed: June 2023 (MISAMO, Eric Nam, LimJi, Dynamic Duo, We;Na, Donghyun, Dept, more)

Hello, playlist darlings. I’ve had the very strange experience this month of slogging through my long list of releases for June. I don’t normally have this: even if it takes a long time, there’s usually so much I enjoy that it’s hard to narrow down. This month, oddly, there were a lot of releases that just … left me completely cold? The full playlist does feature 40 tracks, but that’s down from the 194 I listened through. Very weird.

Anyway, enough of that — let’s go!

Note: As always, there’s a Spotify playlist at the bottom.


Dept & Lilly Choi (Feat. Ashley Alisha & J.O.Y) – “Rainy Day”

Donghyun – “Minute”

Dynamic Duo – “19”

Eric Nam – “House On A Hill”

jANE – “I Hate You”

JEOMi – “Rainy Day”

Kim Areum – “Summer Love”

KIM YUNA – “Bling Bling”

K JUN (Feat. SOHLHEE) – “Car Key, Wallet, Phone”


l!ldumb – “SUNDAY”

MISAMO (TWICE) – “Marshmallow”

I know, I know … who would have missed this? I did, somehow, so I doubt I was the only one.



Rosmile – “MY 1 EXCEPTION”

Son Chamchi – “Moonlight”

Vanillare – “Alive”

We;Na – “QUEEN”

Whos (Feat. Owen) – “Freeze Over”

Maximillian Ginus (Feat. The Daisy) – “Wall”

Sou – “Genius Complex”


And that’s it!

As always, be sure to let me know about any songs you really loved during June, and be sure to check out the extended official playlist.

Happy listening!

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