Quick Reviews: Sunmi sorta does MIXX-Pop for some reason on the disappointing “STRANGER”

While I understand that Sunmi respects JYP a lot, I’m not sure she had to go as far to take “STRANGER“, which I can only imagine is less extreme MIXX-Pop leftovers now that NMIXX themselves have moved on from that kind of song construction. Sticking with the quasi MIXX-Pop theme, it has one section (the verses) that works out of the three and sounds like a Sunmi track, but the other two beats are mostly around to make a mess, and the monotonously recited chorus just drags and drags.

It’s always commendable to be putting yourself out there and taking risks with music, but as I frequently say, the other part of that risk is the result can suck, and to make a Sunmi single relatively unlistenable is a pretty big feat in a way. Since it’s Sunmi, I’m sure some will gaslight themselves into believing it’s good (call it camp or some shit), but it’s hard not to be disappointed.


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