Quick Reviews: YOUNG POSSE make a throwback debut in a way with the … uniquely fashioned “MACARONI CHEESE”

Even ignoring the fact that DSP Entertainment is debuting a group of teenage girls (youngest member is 13) with the name YOUNG POSSE, “MACARONI CHEESE” is an impressively bad debut to the point where it’s almost entertaining. Maybe that was the point, like a throwback to the first and second generation of groups that had embarrassing debuts that eventually worked their way out of it. I dunno, but imagine joining the company of KARA and debuting with this. Amazing stuff.

Anyway, it’s certainly a choice to debut with a meme song and an equally bizarre music video that’s sorta like an XG and Lil Cherry mashup done by fetuses with somehow even worse lyrics. To their credit, it is so dumb I almost felt my brain cells congealing into a single “macaroni cheese” repetition, so there’s that.


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