[Review] SEVENTEEN make it extremely easy to have some spooky season fun with “God Of Music”

When I saw headlines with “God Of Music” in them making the rounds, you’ll have to understand my disappointment when I clicked and it wasn’t news of the mockumentary making a return. I mention this because in a way SEVENTEEN‘s single had an uphill climb to make up for my case of the sads, as well as validating the use of the name, but they do a pretty great job here at making me feel better.

Feeling better is appropriate, because at its core, that’s really what the whole soundscape of “God Of Music” is about. It’s a bright and fluffy song that really reminds me of some of J-pop’s best boy band tracks. It really leans into the funk and soul production, which is a sound in my personal wheelhouse and makes for an automatic foot-tapper that really progresses into something that makes the listener want to get up and dance.

Of course, with tracks like this it’s not about reinventing the wheel, and it comes down to the execution and details. Thankfully those aren’t things one typically has to fret about with SEVENTEEN, and they provide the necessary punchy vocals and peaks needed to power this to its potential. As for the details, the light electric guitar in the pre-chorus to build with and the brass elements being used judiciously (especially in the chorus) are standouts, and they make a savvy decision by having a rhythmically sung chorus and saving the catchy, shouted hook of “kung chi pak chi kung kung chi pak chi ye” for the post. That said, the pre-chorus and even the second verse are better melodic highlights than the actual chorus is, though they are good enough to mostly compensate for any letdown there and help the song stay fresh throughout. Plus, by the end of the ride, that post-chorus becomes almost an anthemic chant, as the song continues to build to its conclusion.

“God Of Music” feels like a Summer song despite us being in the middle of spooky season, which does make it feel a bit out of place. But in a time where things get drearier in K-pop, a let’s-all-get-together type of song is a welcome tune, and certainly so when it’s done as well as this one is by SEVENTEEN.


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