STAYC rep the wrong Rangers team jerseys during Dallas tour stop, bless me with the chance to insult the Astros

Because I will take any opportunity to push my sports agenda, STAYC have made news recently for doing the equivalent of shouting out the wrong city at a concert stop.

Prior to the Texas Rangers heading to the World Series after winning Game 7 of the ALCS and defeating the cheating scum Houston Astros, the group rocked Rangers jerseys at a Dallas tour stop. The problem? They were Rangers jerseys, but they were Rangers F.C. from Glasgow in the Scottish Premier League.

They wore Yankees and Mets jerseys in Brooklyn, Bears and Bulls jerseys in Chicago, and also Mavericks and Cowboys jerseys in Dallas, but it was odd to get this one wrong in particular.

It’s weirder because the Rangers F.C. jerseys weren’t even current, they were specifically throwbacks to the 1996-97 kit instead of the uniform with Texas printed across the front, as you can see here with hero Adolis Garcia giving the Houston crowd the business.

Honestly, when I first saw the headlines about the wrong Rangers jerseys, I assumed it would be the New York Rangers, but this is truly special stuff.

Anyways, fuck the Astros and congrats to STAYC on the free international promo.


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