G-Dragon reportedly booked by police on suspicion of drug use, YGE says he’s not signed with them

BIGBANG member G-Dragon has been booked on suspicion of drug use by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency, who say they cannot comment on a matter under investigation, according to a News1 exclusive report.

When asked for comment on the report, YG Entertainment clarified that he’s not under their management anymore, “It is difficult to publicly respond as the artist is currently not signed with the label.” This revelation is not necessarily the feature news within this story, but it does basically confirm the rumors that he had moved on from them.


Of course, this is not G-Dragon’s first rodeo with drugs, as he was found to have illegally smoked weed back in 2011 but avoided prosecution due in part to what is now a legendary funny cig story.

While trying to find the reason how such a result would occur, he remembered a memory from his Japanese tour in May. He was at a party with several Japanese representatives that visited his concert. During the party, a Japanese individual that is believed to be a fan greeted G-Dragon and offered him a cigarette. Out of goodwill, G-Dragon accepted the cigarette. After taking two puffs he realized that it was different from normal cigarettes and threw the cigarette into the toilet.

Anyway, there’s probably going to be more coming out about this situation soon. While I don’t really care if it’s just drug use, it’s worth covering anyway because it’s going to be a major story due to it involving a K-pop superstar, and agree or not it could obviously significantly impact his career.


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