G-Dragon denies using drugs + was reportedly snitched on by same hostess bar manager who got Lee Sun Gyun investigated

In response to reports yesterday that he had been booked by police on suspicion of drug use, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon has responded by issuing a formal denial that promises to cooperate with authorities.

“This is Kwon Ji Yong [G-Dragon’s given name]. First, there is no truth to the [claim] that I have taken drugs. Additionally, I have no relation to the news reports about the violation of the Act on the Control of Narcotics, Etc. that was recently revealed in the media. However, because I know many people are concerned, I will actively cooperate with police investigations and will participate even more diligently.”

Though perhaps just as relevant was how he got roped into this, as he was apparently ratted out by the manager of an elite hostess bar.

Reportedly, police secured information about G-Dragon’s drug use from A, the head of an adult entertainment business in Gangnam, who was previously arrested in Lee Sun-kyun’s case.
Accordingly celebrities and chaebols are regular customers of the entertainment establishment. An official from the entertainment establishment said, “Four people basically need to spend more than 10 million won, so how can an ordinary person come?” “Ordinary office workers and most company executives cannot afford to come,” he explained.

That seems like as good a place as any to mention Lee Sun Gyun‘s part in this, where he is also being investigated for drug use and previously had to pay off the aforementioned source who eventually ratted them both out.

On October 19, Gyeonggi Shinmun reported that the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit is actively conducting an internal investigation against top actor L and seven others on charges of violating the Drugs Control Act. Shortly after, the police confirmed, “While investigating drug-related activities primarily within entertainment establishments in Gangnam, we obtained information that a celebrity is involved in drug use. We are currently conducting an internal investigation involving eight individuals including L, a male actor in his 40s.”
Following this, Gyeonggi Shinmun further reported that actor L had also supplied hundreds of millions of won to a drug supplier after being threatened. Confirming this, an official from the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency stated, “It is true that L provided a significant amount of money to the drug supplier while engaged in marijuana use. We estimate the amount to be around 300 million won (approximately $221,900).”

Lee Sun Gyun is apparently a bit more involved in this, since he reportedly used drugs at the elite hostess bar manager‘s home, and she subsequently blackmailed him with the information about his drug use, extorting him through calls 10 times.

In a statement responding to the reports, Lee Sun Gyun’s side announced legal action against the manager.

“Our company is currently in the process of verifying the specific facts related to the allegations raised against Lee Sun Gyun. We are committed to cooperating fully with any investigations conducted by relevant authorities with utmost sincerity and honesty in the future.
Additionally, Lee Sun Gyun has filed a complaint with the law enforcement agency against individual A, who is connected to the incident, for continuous blackmail and threats.”

It’s a bit of a weird situation where the Korean celebrities, netizens, and media are taking the drugs as the more serious issue, whereas the international netizens probably would care about the high-end “adult entertainment” stuff more.

Either way, it seems they’re both in trouble because they got snitched out by the person who runs the hostess establishment after that person got busted themselves. The police have said the cases of G-Dragon and Lee Sun Gyun are separate incidents, so just the source on both is reportedly the same. Also, somehow Yoochun‘s ex Hwang Hana and Han Seo Hee are also involved on the Lee Sun Gyun side of things. What a mess.


Additionally, you can chill on speculation over who else was involved.

For some girl group involvement rumor that was doing numbers … well, some random guy just made it up.

I’ve seen over a dozen denials made already just because of that humiliating Korean media failure.


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