Rundown: LE SSERAFIM, Kwon Eunbi, RIIZE, Jessi, GHOST9, Chanyeol, more

On the plus side, I’m not weeks late with this Rundown. On the negative side, because I’m not weeks late, I didn’t get to ignore stuff and thus there’s a lot of meh.



Given how much she stands out here even just based on their outfits, there’s a joke in there about how the group dynamics of this fictional girl group for Suzy‘s drama DOONA! is akin to popularity rankings in miss A.


Chanyeol (EXO) – “Good Enough”

Doesn’t even really live up to the song title. The solos of the other members are inadvertently making me appreciate Kai more.


Catch The Young – “Cactus Boy”

The name has already been mentioned, and normally I wouldn’t bother with this track, but the irony of this non-debut debut pre-release for their debut seemingly being targeted at geriatrics is not lost on me.


Jessi – “Gum”

Actually, the beat is something you can work with, but Jessi’s rapping, the hook, and the changeup thrown in there just aren’t good.



I’m not even trolling, I thought the hook was “pisssssss“.



This is another debut pre-debut for their debut … or something. The chorus is just an absolute mess of elements and none of them work, and you can’t name a song that and then do this with it.


Kwon Eunbi (Feat. Paul Blanco) – “Like Heaven”

Harmless, safe, and relaxing, but definitely prefer her dance-pop tracks, especially since she’s very good at that.


LE SSERAFIM – “Perfect Night”

Nothing wrong with this Overwatch 2 collab song, like it’s not bad or anything and fans should be placated by it. However, it is sorta LE SSERAFIM does NewJeans except with an even subtler (more boring) beat.


RIIZE – “Talk Saxy”

You will rarely hear me complain about the inclusion of brass notes in a song, but I think this legit might’ve been great without the titular sax, which is undoubtedly the worst part of the song throughout.


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