Catch The Young is the real name of an upcoming boy band from Evermore Entertainment

Look, we’ve all had our fun mocking the group names in K-pop over the years, especially this year with the recent resurgence of names that are like randomized passwords, hilarious slang, or just downright questionable (and a lot more). However, Evermore Entertainment‘s upcoming boy group might be one of the most sus in recent memory. Everybody, please welcome Catch The Young, making their debut on November 1.

At least with YOUNG POSSE it only looks truly disturbing with context, but can you imagine buying like Catch The Young merch or something? Man, they could become the greatest Korean group ever and I don’t think I could ever be at peace rocking a shirt with that emblazoned on it. Even like Catch Youth would make sense, but Catch The Young sounds like an order from Darth Vader, man.


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