HOLLAND ends up apologizing for correctly calling out toxic shippers who take things too far

Singer HOLLAND recently apologized for … uh, addressing weirdo shippers during a livestream after being pestered with questions about shipping and calling that out as disrespectful. Specifically it likely made a lot of mess because the ship involved BTS‘s Jungkook and V (Taekook).

All Holland did was read the comments saying like “Do you know Taekook?”, to which he then shook his head to it. Later, he posted it with a message on social media, asking people to not do this, citing an example.

Basically he was just drawing a line regarding speculating about other idols sexual orientation because it wasn’t respectful. Also, obviously he’s not going to be outing anybody, and to be asking an openly gay singer who has suffered violent discrimination to do that just because he’s gay like it’s gossip time is fucking insane. I do not see a single issue with what he did here.

Unfortunately, you see that as only a screenshot because he was forced to delete it after backlash. I assume (hope) that most of it came from insane shipping fans, as even BTS stans seem to think they are nuts. Regardless, he later posted an apology in its place.

Wish he didn’t apologize.

I understand why he did, as it was likely overwhelming to receive given who it involved, but none of the defenses that people are using to attempt to justify their anger at him seem all that sane.

I’m not saying that shipping is inherently toxic or whatever. It can be fun, obviously. But these specific kinds of true fanatics about ships are those who believe in them at all costs and basically are on a mission to out gay relationships as if they are not real people. It’s extremely toxic and, in a backwards way, it seems honestly homophobic (or something) to be going around harassing idols with this stuff, especially when they’re just using a singer they know is gay.


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