[Review] Weeekly make their long-awaited return count with sleek, addictive “VROOM VROOM”

Since their breakout hit in 2021 with “After School”, Weeekly‘s status has teetered a bit between inconsistent comebacks and ill-conceived concept shifts. However, they’ve always been a perpetually intriguing group to follow, and they fulfill their potential again with the infectious “VROOM VROOM“.

Admittedly, the amount of summer vibes we’re getting from K-pop this year for spooky season is reaching almost hilarious proportions, but compared to the usual slowdown we get, I’m certainly not complaining. And regardless of timing, “VROOM VROOM” definitely isn’t anything to whine about. With an upbeat vibe that seems intent on setting a soundscape that can live up to its driving-themed title, it feels like a freeing afternoon coast to a beach party or to a sightseeing spot. The sound is a bit like labelmate Apink after their concept change, but less sultry and serious and more sleek and playful — which makes sense given their career phases — and both of which basically shamelessly pander to my tastes anyway.

While it’s not bursting with energy, it definitely builds and eventually carries a solid momentum throughout, which sets up the song’s star section. “VROOM VROOM” is elevated by the impressively-delivered melodies in the meaty chorus and the hook that uses the title along with a “drive baby drive, can’t see red lights” refrain that make what could’ve been something nice and pleasant enough into something addictive and memorable. The parts sung by Monday and Soeun in particular are standouts, including their bridge, and Weeekly also have the vocal ability to kick things up a bit in the finale to complete things with the energy a track like this deserves. For me, that’s essentially the difference between something that I passively enjoy as easy listening whenever it comes on and something memorable that I’ll likely actively seek out later.

Sadly, despite thoroughly enjoying the song, the main thing I’m hoping to get from this comeback is future consistency for Weeekly. They’ve proven that when they get a well-crafted song, they have the ability to deliver an end-product that matters, and it’s a shame for their company to not try their best to take advantage of that quality with regularity.


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