G-Dragon tests negative for drugs, says police presented no evidence

Since it was revealed that G-Dragon was under investigation for drug use by authorities, things have developed rather interestingly. Following his denial of drug use, his lawyers followed up on that multiple times, as it was clarified by police that G-Dragon was not summoned but that he voluntarily went in for investigation, and also that a request for a search warrant was rejected.

In other words, it sure doesn’t seem like the police have much to charge G-Dragon with other than the claims of a snitch witness. Inevitably then, what it would come down to was the drug tests, and today it was revealed those were negative as well.

On this day, the police conducted an initial reagent test on G-Dragon, along with the collection of urine and hair samples for comprehensive analysis by the National Forensic Service. In response to inquiries about the results of the preliminary reagent test, G-Dragon stated, “The results came back negative. I’ve also requested an urgent thorough examination.” He added, “I hope the investigative agency can release the accurate results as soon as possible.”

Speaking with the media, he essentially confirmed the police had no actual evidence.

Regarding whether he had submitted his mobile phone, he replied, “I haven’t, but if it is needed in the future and is on the list of items to be submitted, I have informed [the police] that I am willing to submit it.” When asked if he plans to cooperate with any additional summons for questioning, he responded, “If they call me, I will comply.”
Subsequently, when asked if the police had presented any evidence, G-Dragon replied, “There was none. I don’t believe there would be any.” On whether he thought today’s investigation was unreasonable, he said, “I don’t think it’s unreasonable. The police are not personally after me; they are just doing their job based on someone’s statement. I also think that I am here for the investigation because it’s part of my job to deny or rather I’d say, to prove that the allegations are unfounded. So I wouldn’t say it’s unreasonable but in any case, I hope for a fair resolution, and I hope that unverified claims will not be insisted upon.”
Regarding the details of the investigation, G-Dragon responded, “This investigation in itself, both the police and I are not exactly sure of the circumstances. It’s ultimately the police’s decision whether my statements will help or not in their investigation.”

Due to his past, I think a lot of people assumed the reports about drug use made sense. And perhaps there’s still a case here, but for now, this whole reason G-Dragon is involved in this seems to be the word of a hostess bar manager who got nabbed by police throwing his name in the mix. Given that even the police clarified that he was not charged, if he really didn’t do drugs, then the Korean media also seems to have jumped the gun here.

Also, props to him if this is trolling.


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