Rundown: VIVIZ, A.C.E, HyunA, ZB1, OMEGA X, Epik High, Eite, Catch The Young, more

Got a bit behind this week due to personal reasons, so kinda unfairly throwing in solid to good stuff I might’ve highlighted more under normal circumstances.



I think K-pop fans calling things Kidz Bop is an overused trope, but at times this really does sound like the Korean version of what Kidz Bop might do with The Jackson 5‘s “I Want You Back“.


Epik High (Feat. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi) – “Screen Time”

They’re one of the few Korean artists that can consistently pull off this laid-back style with hip-hop, but the topic is a retread and so is the sound.


Catch The Young – “YOUTH!!!”

Production was extremely promising with a rock band and synths, but this is either a bad showcase for their vocals or the mixing was shitty and it made them sound like they couldn’t quite sing it right. Pretty sure it’s the mix cause they don’t sound especially stretched, and it’s definitely pretty fun anyway, but not quite as dynamic as it could be.



An overall solid pop song that comes down to whether the melodies in the chorus and the hooks are able to embed themselves in your brain or not. Has fallen a bit short for me on repeats, but certainly nothing bad.



The Chainsmokers coded (which I don’t hate, honestly) except even more generic and without much anything else of substance to latch onto.



Wish it was mixed better and the chorus wasn’t as choppy, but this is a great debut.


Youngjae (GOT7) – “Do It”

Cute and smooth … but also completely smoothed out and thus lacking impact. Best part is the rhythm of the hook (and one line) reminding me of Nelly‘s “Dilemma.


GreatGuys – “DEEP IN LOVE”

Liked the energy and the ambition, but I didn’t remember a single part of the song despite that.


HyunA – “Attitude”

Seems made for the runway more than for being like listened to at home or whatever, but at least it’s something that feels as if HyunA could be back following her P Nation purgatory.



Absolutely love where it’s their vocals over the rapid-fire drum and bass section of the chorus. Not sure if that will carry it for me over time, but it’ll have to, because the rest isn’t great.



Posted this for the people who love this kind of boy group sound, and also because of their fight against their shitty company. Unfortunately, as you likely know, not the kind of sound that’s for me.


A.C.E – “Effortless”

A pre-release English track after military service, wow. This is not really the kind of stuff I’m into A.C.E for, but it’s impressive they can still make it a solid, listenable pop track.


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