Quick Reviews: Soojin returns with the rather lethargic “AGASSY”

It’s been over 2.5 years since Soojin halted activities following the emergence of her bullying scandal, but now she has a new company in BRD Communications and is making a solo debut (and re-debut) with “AGASSY“.

Even aside from the bullying scandal, I never really understood the immense amount of hype for her contributions to (G)I-DLE, but I was pleasantly surprised by her clear and attention-grabbing vocal tone here. Unfortunately, we mostly got to see it used in one monotonous way, as this kind of tediously-paced track with long but uninteresting instrumental choruses/post-choruses should be left in K-pop’s past. I would at least understand if the choreo during that section made it worth its while, but that also wasn’t at all dynamic to fit her supposed strengths. Dunno, the whole thing is surprisingly passive.


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