NewJeans respond to T1’s Keria celebrating getting to meet them as he advances to the 2023 League Of Legends Worlds finals

In my quest to confuse as many K-pop readers as possible, we’re now onto Esports in the form of competitive League Of Legends. The team T1 recently beat JDG in semi-finals of the 2023 Worlds to clinch a spot in the finals, and a member of T1 named Keria shouted out that he’s coming to see NewJeans as their victory was clinched.

NewJeans, of course, did the anthem for the 2023 Worlds in “GODS”, and will perform at the finals on November 19 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

Keria is a known-fan of the group, with fans of his “joking” that he was simply motivated to see the group.

All he cares about is media day, lol.

This spread quickly in K-pop and LoL circles, and eventually it made its way to the NewJeans members themselves, who responded excitedly to the shoutout.

Worlds colliding.

Also, there’s still that Faker guy.


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