G-Dragon strongly denies reports of shaving body hair to tamper with drug testing, police confirm reports are unfounded

Following testing negative for drugs, the latest in the G-Dragon scandal is that the media reported he had shaved all his body hair, inferring that he did so to avoid a positive test.

On November 10, some media outlets reported that G-Dragon had visited the police office with all body hair removed except for his head hair and that the police may suspect him of attempting to tamper with evidence.

GD’s side vehemently denied this, stating that in fact he went above and beyond what was necessary in an attempt to prove his innocence.

The report about him shaving his entire body is completely untrue. Furthermore, the court has rejected this case due to a lack of evidence, and consequently, no search and seizure warrant related to hair has been issued. Despite these circumstances, Kwon Ji Yong believes that promptly revealing the actual truth can swiftly eliminate suspicions, hence, he voluntarily attended [the police office for questioning] and actively cooperated with the investigation by submitting not only urine and hair but also nails and toenails. Moreover, he had even firmly expressed his willingness to voluntarily provide additional samples, such as leg hair, beyond the head hair samples initially requested by the police.

They also deny that he dyed or bleached his hair for almost a year and a half.

Despite reports from the police side implying that Kwon Ji Yong shaved his body hair with the intention of tampering with evidence, it’s important to highlight that, in reality, he had maintained hair of sufficient length for verification and willingly submitted hair in the quantity requested by the police. Furthermore, despite his clear statement during voluntary questioning that he had not been dyeing or bleaching his hair, media reports suggested, ‘Depending on the length of the hair, it is possible to confirm one’s use of drugs for up to about a year. However, if, like Kwon Ji Yong, one frequently undergoes coloring or bleaching due to the nature of their profession, the drug components may decrease.’ We want to clearly state that in the past approximately 1 year and 5 months, Kwon Ji Yong has not undergone any coloring or bleaching.

They do say that shaving his body hair is a regular thing for him and that he acknowledged this, but explain that he hasn’t shaved since the investigation started.

Additionally, Kwon Ji Yong stated during police questioning that he usually shaves his body hair. However, since the investigation was first reported and initiated, he has not shaved at all. Despite clearly expressing no intention of evidence tampering, the police hastily reached conclusions and employed language suggesting that G-Dragon attempted to tamper with evidence to conceal a crime, constituting a serious case of defamation. Despite this [being a case of defamation], inaccurate reports conflicting with the actual facts were released without prior confirmation from Kwon Ji Yong’s side, which we find deeply regrettable.

They conclude by explaining the initial articles on this matter have been corrected.

Additionally, fans have stepped up to provide evidence that shaving his body hair is a regular thing he’s done for years and years (removing nose hair is a terrible idea, btw).

But none of that matters as much as police confirming that claims he tried to destroy evidence are unfounded.

The police categorically denied allegations of evidence tampering by G-Dragon, stating, “The claim that G-Dragon destroyed evidence is unfounded. His scalp hair is sufficiently long, making the need for body hair samples unnecessary for our analysis.”
G-Dragon voluntarily appeared for police questioning and fully cooperated during the interrogation process. The police emphasized his willingness to engage with the investigation and his compliance throughout.

Police also say there’s no plans for additional action right now.

I understand the skepticism of the public to stuff like this (and Lee Sun Gyun) because people using drugs seems believable, but regardless, at the moment it appears that the media and/or police have jumped the gun without much of a case in terms of evidence. All they seem to have at the moment is the word of a hostess bar manager that was busted for drugs and has motivation to get a lighter sentence.


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