Ahyeon reportedly will not debut with BABYMONSTER, YGE essentially issues a ‘no comment’

YG Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER is finally set to debut — probably uncoincidentally after Yang Hyun Suk’s court case ended — but it’ll reportedly be without popular member Ahyeon.

On the 15th of November, a media outlet reported that BABYMONSTER will debut as a six-member group excluding Ahyeon. The media outlet that initially reported this said the idol left due to personal reasons. They also added that there is a possibility that Ahyeon will join BABYMONSTER in the future, but she will not be able to debut together with the group at the moment.

When reached for comment, YGE essentially gave a no comment.

In response, YG Entertainment stated to OSEN on the 15th, “We will inform you later.” Shocking fans with their response. To another news outlet, YG said they would release a position later.

That’s notable since it’s a change from when they were questioned about this a month ago, as they said then that she was preparing for her debut (though nothing about where, specifically).

Anyway, her presumed absence seems like a pretty surprising blow to a group that is probably going to need to carry the company.

Also, their fans are being weird already.


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