[Giveaway] Win 1 of 10 copies of Dreamcatcher’s ‘VillainS’ album!

Hello and welcome to another Asian Junkie giveaway post for Dreamcatcher albums. It’s the start of a new era with VillainS, and there will be 10 winners who will each get one copy of the album.

Of course, I’d prefer if only those who can’t afford it enter, as that would be for the best.


Note: Due to difficulties with either shipping or customs or cost or some combination of those, if you live in Ukraine or Russia, you are not eligible to win. I do feel bad about the restrictions, but please do not enter as it’ll only complicate things.


Since this is primarily an Asian Junkie thing (with assistance from 7 DREAMERS), I can thankfully keep the requirements relatively simple.

  1. Retweet and like our contest announcement tweet*.
  2. Uh, that’s it, really. Do what you can to help Dreamcatcher this promotional cycle.

*Alternatively, you can just leave a comment below with your Twitter handle.

As usual I’d like to get this done quickly by November 20th on Monday, which seems fair since you basically have to do nothing, so be sure to qualify yourself quickly.

Asian Junkie will direct message the winners on Twitter with a form for information like your name, address, and e-mail. Do not enter unless you feel comfortable giving me this information, obviously. Also, please check your DMs around this time if you enter or I’ll unfortunately be forced to move on to another individual.


Even if you don’t win, the point of doing this is to support Dreamcatcher, so you should support other projects if possible.

Good luck!


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