Red Velvet deliver vocals and fun (!) during a marathon 20-song medley on ‘Killing Voice’ for Dingo Music

Red Velvet almost feel like a popular second generation group based on the depth of their discography, and so it’s appropriate that for this comeback they’re making an appearance on Dingo Music‘s Killing Voice. For some groups it definitely feels too soon when they’re on this, but for Red Velvet it’s almost like it wasn’t soon enough because there’s so much.

For the feature, they performed a marathon of a medley with “Happiness“, “Dumb Dumb“, “Ice Cream Cake“, “Russian Roulette“, “Zimzalabim“, “Carpool“, “Queendom“, “You Better Know“, “Red Flavor“, “Peek-A-Boo“, “Bad Boy“, “Psycho“, “One Of These Nights“, “Automatic“, “Kingdom Come“, “Time To Love“, “Oh Boy“, “Lady’s Room“, “Feel My Rhythm“, and finally “Chill Kill“. That’s a whopping 20 songs for a 34-minute medley, and they didn’t even get to a lot of great b-sides, IMO.

The discography and vocals are one thing, but another thing I enjoyed a lot about this Killing Voice is they seemed to have a lot of fun with it, especially during their more fun and quirky songs, as they should. Overall, a pleasing reminder of just how deep their discography is, especially if they didn’t even get to your favorites.


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Thot Leader™