SISTAR19 (Hyolyn & Bora) announce reunion/comeback, and we’re halfway to a SISTAR reunion

Folks, it might be happening. SISTAR19, consisting of SISTAR members Hyolyn and Bora, have announced recently that they’re making a comeback … uh, sometime.

No other details have been released, so I’m trying to keep my expectations in check … which is not going well. Notably, they are apparently still allowed to use the SISTAR19 name, so maybe they got the rights? Also … maybe SISTAR reunion coming? Please?

Anyway, I respect this method of announcement. No slick and prepared comeback schedules, just idols doing stuff on their own, announcing shit and who knows when and if it happens (NINE MUSES WHERE ARE YOU?!).


It’s been long enough where people might not even remember them much, which is crazy to me. But anyway, SISTAR19 debuted back in 2011 and only disbanded in 2017 with the group, but they also dropped a pair of singles in “Ma Boy” and “GONE NOT AROUND ANY LONGER“, both of which were hits.


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