Kyuhyun was injured stopping knife attack on actor Park Eun Tae, whose agency made him do a fanmeet right after

A couple days ago, Super Junior member Kyuhyun made the news when it was revealed he was injured in a knife attack after a woman got into the dressing room of a musical somehow. Well, turns out that attack wasn’t intended for him, but he and Seo Kyung Soo actually prevented an attack on fellow cast member Park Eun Tae.

According to reports, a woman in her 30s was arrested after sneaking into the musical dressing room in Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, around 6 pm on November 19 and wielded a weapon at musical actor Park Eun Tae. Kyuhyun suffered minor injuries as he bravely intervened, and his prompt action helped prevent further escalation of the situation.
An official from the musical explained, “It seems the woman slipped through as she blended in with the actors’ acquaintances who came to visit the crew because it was the last performance for the night. Mr. Kyuhyun only sustained minor injuries such as slight bruising and cuts.” 

As far as motive goes, it was apparently a crazed fan mad that he didn’t recognize her.

The woman reportedly stated during the police investigation, “I got angry because the musical actor didn’t recognize me as a fan, so I committed the crime.”

It’s especially worrying because that seems like the exact kind of motivation that could be cast onto any public figure, who likely also has equally lax security.

As far as Park Eun Tae goes, his agency issued a statement describing the events.

“After the final performance, an individual without any apparent affiliation entered the waiting room where the actor was located. This person entered the waiting room and attempted to attack the actor, who was vulnerable after the conclusion of the performance. Sensing something amiss, the actor managed to subdue the individual, with assistance from actors Seo Kyung Soo and Kyuhyun, who were present in the waiting room during the incident.”

So that’s great, but it was disturbing that they revealed he attended a fanmeeting right after the attempted knife attack.

Park Eun Tae’s agency explained that the actor had actually attended a fan meeting right after the knife attack incident since the fan meeting was already planned. The agency explained, “Although he greeted fans without any sign of discomfort amid the situation, we want to convey that he was actually quite unsettled. Currently, there is concern about potential psychological trauma, and he is in need of rest.”


No shit there’s psychological trauma, so maybe meeting with more fans literally right after a knife attack by a fan wasn’t the best idea? I dunno man, so much of the decision making in these types of situations by agencies seem like the kind of shit people recognize as insane basic failures of reasoning in documentaries on it when something horrible does get carried out.

I mean I’m glad there were (seemingly) no serious injuries, but I can’t help but feel like everybody involved tried to downplay a literal murder attempt. Like we maybe wouldn’t have even found out if Kyuhyun didn’t get injured.


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