RIIZE’s Seunghan activities suspended indefinitely, SME to take legal action against leakers

RIIZE member Seunghan has found himself in a bunch of controversies of late, which has now culminated in SM Entertainment releasing a statement confirming his suspension of activities.

“Seunghan sincerely apologizes and is reflecting on the disappointment and confusion he has caused to not only the group and his group members but also to the fans related to his private matters that were recently leaked and distributed through online channels.
Because of this, Seunghan has felt the burden of responsibility and after serious consideration, he has expressed to halt his activities for the sake of the group.
We have also decided that it was unreasonable for him to continue his activities under these circumstances so Seunghan’s activities will be indefinitely suspended with respect to his opinion that he did not want to cause any more damage to the team and the members.
Therefore, starting today (November 22), RIIZE will be active as six members, excluding Seunghan.”

SME also announced that they will be taking legal action against people leaking stuff.

However, the photos and videos that are being leaked and distributed without permission were private moments that were taken as trainees before their debut. They were edited several times to intentionally caused misunderstandings.
In addition, the individual who leaked and distributed the videos and photos in question has committed serious defamation against the artist by spreading fabricated and false information that is different from the truth. They have used non-existent messenger conversations and other malicious methods to create and spread groundless information.

In addition, we are considering additional legal measures against specific individuals for matters such as defamation of our artists through the unauthorized leak and dissemination of the the content and other illegal acts such as cyber crimes and blackmail.
We will strongly respond to all secondary acts of harm such as creating, spreading, and reproducing rumors related to our artists through additional posts. For the sake of the artists and the fans who love them, we will respond with no leniency.

As previously mentioned, Seunghan’s trouble started back in August when his pre-debut content was leaked and he was pictured kissing a woman, swearing, and going to hook-up clubs. However, surely what prompted this is further leaks involving him smoking, bantering with his friends, and allegedly having a girlfriend.

I didn’t cover any of this because … well, mainly I didn’t really care?

Nothing more that could come out would surprise me, so things could be worse than we know, but based on what has come out … meh.

Anyway, now obviously he seems to be on the path to potential removal from the group, depending on how fans receive this. And make no mistake, that’s what matters in the end. It’s not about morality or right and wrong, it’s about the company protecting its money and image, so that is what will determine his future.


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