Lee Sun Gyun’s detailed body hair drug test also returns negative results, pressure back on police

In the ongoing story of Lee Sun Gyun’s drug scandal, the latest news is his body hair test was inconclusive at first, and then a follow-up body hair test turned up yet another negative result.


Following news that his preliminary and detailed hair tests were negative, it was revealed that his body hair test was inconclusive.

According to the police on November 15, the National Forensic Service recently conducted a detailed examination of Lee Sun Kyun’s leg hair, but the opinion was conveyed to the police that it was not possible to determine the presence of drugs due to insufficient hair weight.

So basically, there was still no smoking gun on him.

That was then reinforced recently when the results on his detailed drug test came back from the National Forensic Service. He again had a negative drug test, this time from his body hair (armpit hair, specifically).

The National Forensic Service recently notified police that a drug-negative reaction was detected in the precise analysis of Lee Sun Gyun’s armpit hair.

So that’s now a negative pee (reagent) test, negative detailed hair test, and negative detailed body hair test.


Since this case involves a bigger investigation and is obviously a major story by their own doing, authorities are unlikely to stop at this point. Surely the next step will be to try and find the supplier and attempt to get them to flip on everybody, but the pressure is now on police to find hard evidence.


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