Bullet Points: Ryu Jun Yeol & Hyeri done, a Girl’s Day marriage & reunion, a DUI, contract news, and way too many health hiatuses

Welcome to Bullet Points, where I am able to sum up news I didn’t have much to say about, I didn’t care enough about, or was honestly just too lazy to do an article on.

This is another feature I surely won’t fall behind on.


I mostly don’t have much to say about this kind of news, but it is relevant, people like to talk about the decisions, and I’m guessing a lot of these roundups will involve this stuff.

Granted, the DUI is sort of a different category, but it got announced seemingly simultaneously.


Another likely trend in these posts? Idols going on hiatus due to physical or mental health. This is from a one week period and probably doesn’t even cover everything. Seems … not great.


Dating news is another one that people are invested in, so expect to see some of that here as well.




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