Quick Reviews: Jungkook’s “3D” gets a makeover with the help of Justin Timberlake

When I heard about Justin Timberlake being on a remix of Jungkook‘s “3D”, I thought that was a bit on the nose since he was obviously the inspiration for the original. Regardless, the move paid off for the BTS member, as it turns out that replacing Jack Harlow with Justin Timberlake provides an upgrade, with the latter predictably fitting his own previous style like a glove.

The remix is an improvement not only due to Timberlake’s verse flowing with the track much better, but also because the more enthusiastic ad-libs he contributes manage to hide some of the issues with the chorus for me. While I understand why people would be loathe to admit that this kinda fucks now, I also don’t want to be up here just lying either.


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