Songs You May Have Missed: September 2023 (Kim Boa, Lee Jin Ah, W24, The Deep, Dust Funk, 9001, Slom, Mandong, more)

Hello, playlist darlings, it’s so good to see you again. Quite often when I’m putting these together, it can be a bit of a slog to get through every single thing that’s come out during the month, and it can kind of drag me down with how much I want to like everything but just … don’t. Putting together September was the total opposite of that; I loved so many tracks and trying to whittle them down was really difficult, so I hope you all enjoy this playlist as much as I do.

Note: As always, there’s a Spotify playlist at the bottom.


9001 (Feat. DAMYE) – “What You Wanna Do”

khild (Feat. Ellui & Splen) – “ERROR”

mcboil – “Southern Cross”

g0nny (Feat. SHIRT) – “You Might”

Kim Boa (KEEMBO) – “Acid Dream”

Bluelk – “In Your Pain” 

Kyung Woo Hyun – “Much Better”

The Deep – “BAPPI”

JOYjin – “Silence”

Slom – “F.A.F.F”

JONGHAN – “What If”

SOFI – “Fade Away”

Mystic Green – “Blackout”

Yoonsoyoung – “hibihibi”

Dust Funk – “Endless Wave”

Lee Jin Ah – “Midnight Delivery”

Choosing just one track from this album was really difficult, honestly, so I really recommend listening to the whole thing!


W24 – “Voyager”

Mandong – “Pai, Moon, Everything”

Greentea (Feat. Dvwn) – “Last Train”


And that’s it!

As always, be sure to let me know about any songs you really loved during September, and be sure to check out the extended official playlist.

Happy listening!

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