Quick Reviews: Taeyeon escapes a narcissist on “To. X”

Following last year’s expansive and ambitious “INVU” (closer to two years, really), Taeyeon returns this time with a more pared down concept and sound on “To. X“. A track that’s pretty on-the-nose about being in a relationship with a narcissist, coming to that realization, and ending it, “To. X” generally floats along on simple instrumental and relies on Taeyeon’s voice to carry it.

Fortunately, that’s always a safe place to start, and the best thing I can say about it is that it wouldn’t be out of place in the discography of some of the better Korean R&B soloists out there. Though the laid-back and vibey style of “To. X” doesn’t standout as much as some of her past singles, it’s also one of those tracks that’s easy to put on a playlist for a certain mood, which is what it seems to want to be.


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