B-Side Spotlight: September 2023 (Key, Loossemble, PURPLE KISS, BOYNEXTDOOR, FTISLAND, EL7Z UP, Kep1er, CRAVITY, more)

Hello again, playlist darlings. It always feels a little odd to be writing about tracks that came out during the last throes of summer warmth when the nights have drawn in and the rain just doesn’t stop outside, but once again here we are.

I hope all of you are keeping well and taking care of yourselves, and here I have a nice little playlist for you all to enjoy. Let’s go!

Note: As always, there’s a Spotify playlist at the bottom.


CRAVITY – “Cheese”


Young K (DAY6) – “Babo”

PURPLE KISS – “Biscuit”


Jaechan (DKZ) – “Oh Girl”

FTISLAND – “Broken”

D.O. (EXO) – “Ordinary Days”

Eric Nam – “Undefined”

Key (SHINee) – “Intoxicating”

Hur Youngji (KARA) – “Focus”

EL7Z UP – “Die for You”

Loossemble (LOONA) – “Strawberry Soda”

DAWN (Feat. GEMINI) – “Seasons”

The Rose – “Nauseous” 

Kep1er – “The Door”


And that’s it!

As always, let me know your favourite B-sides that came out in September, and be sure to check out the extended official playlist.

Happy listening!

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