BLACKPINK members renew with YG Entertainment for ‘group activities’

After what seemed like centuries of speculation on whether BLACKPINK would be parting ways with YG Entertainment or not, it has been announced that the group will be renewing with the company, at least for group activities.

On December 6, YG Entertainment announced, “After careful discussions with BLACKPINK, we signed exclusive contracts for group activities based on deep trust.”
YG Entertainment’s executive producer Yang Hyun Suk remarked, “We are happy to be able to continue our relationship with BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK will continue to do their best to shine even brighter in the global music market as artists representing not only our agency but also K-pop, and we send our unwavering support and faith for their future steps.”
With YG’s support, BLACKPINK plans to repay the love of fans around the world by releasing new music and holding a large-scale world tour.

My assumption is that the ‘group activities’ part of the statement is important, allowing the members to primarily focus on individual activities as they wish, which is what they’ve been doing a lot of anyway. Regardless, this is a huge win for YGE, who get to be home to their massive tours, and it’s not like irregular group comebacks were rare even while they were on their initial contract anyway.

Let the speculation about their individual activities begin, I guess.

Also, now all I’m imagining is YGE getting the news that BLACKPINK’s revenue streams will continue to be coming in and just saying fuck it to BABYMONSTER’s promos.


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